The name Kantanta derives from an indigenous Zambian language (Tonga) that means Big Black Sable Antelope. Daniele Ventriglia, initially started his hunting experience in Zambia in 1990 and Valerio Ventriglia followed few years later in the Kafue region in Zambia. The company was initially established in Zambia in the year 2010. Due to our will to expand and continue contributing in preserving wildlife, we later on moved the business in Tanzania in the year 2013, due to the closure of Big Game Hunting in Zambia. We invite all hunters interested in hunting Big Game in Tanzania and Zambia to contact us for further information on our hunting destinations and available species.

We would like to thank all our clients and clients to be for helping us to improve on our services year after year.

With Regards
Valerio and Daniele Ventriglia

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Valerio Ventriglia


Danielo Ventriglia

Our promise to you

A new way to explore Africa
Kantanta Hunting Safaris Ltd. was initially established in Zambia in the year 2010 and expanded in the year 2013 in Tanzania, with a blood partnership, Valerio and Daniele Ventriglia.

Our commitment to conservation
Kantanta Hunting Safaris ltd. was created with the idea of transferring a true feeling of an African hunting safari, conducted with ethics and help preserve the flora and the fauna.

Welcome to our family
We, as partners and brothers work hand in hand to assure every hunt a great success.

Our Conservation Efforts

Since Kantanta Hunting Safaris has taken up the lease of Sandwe GMA in 2017 we have constantly been developing our conservation efforts, we have built 13 game scout houses and employed 16 of our own Game Scouts, poaching levels as well as encroachment  were high at the start of our project but today things are back on track and game is flourishing.

This year Kantanta Hunting Safaris conducted a full animal game count in Sandwe GMA with the help of Doctor Stefano Focardi Doctor Mario Melletti and Edoardo Magherini and the results will be published on international magazines. The method utilised is the called distance sampling.

Sandwe GMA can be accessed by our guests by Car (8 hour drive) or by Charter from Lusaka with a (1 hour flight)

Our partners