10 Day – One Buffalo Hunt

16 Day – One leopard Hunt

10 Day – Two x one Buffalo Hunt

21 Day – One Lion Hunt

10 Day – One Elephant Hunt

12 Day – One Giant Eland Hunt

12 Day – One Bongo Hunt

16 Day Hunt in Masailand

Safari Rates Include

–  The services of a complete crew including professional hunter, trackers, cooks, skinners, stewards and their necessary assistants.

–  Provision of fully equipped camp, radio communications and satellite telephones upon request.

–  Hunting licenses, Conservation Fee, Concession fees and Government Trophy Handling Fees.

–  Preparation of trophies (skinning and salting) in the field including transportation to Lusaka.

–  Processing, documentation and crating of trophies for exportation.

–  Provision of a medical chest.

–  The supply of fine food, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as preserved food of the highest quality available.

–  Special requirements will be catered to as far as possible, provided advance notice is given.

–  Supply of soft drinks and mineral water.

–  The provision of transport; one modern 4×4 safari vehicle per professional hunter and the necessary load carriers for equipment, provisions, trophies and staff.

–  The skinning and preservation of trophies in the field plus dipping and handling.

–  A company representative to assist you upon arrival and departure.

Safari rates do not include

–  Firearm license of US $200 for each additional firearm.

–  Trophy fees (including community development contribution and anti-poaching effort).

–  Air charters.

–  Hotel accommodation and expenses before, during and after the safari days.

–  Commercial airline flights, visas, airport tax and items of a personal nature.

–  Gratuities to the staff and the professional hunter, to be paid strictly in cash.

– Cost of transporting equipment and personnel to places beyond our concessions for specific purposes as requested i.e. photographic safari expeditions.

–  Airfreight of trophies from Zambia to the final destination.

Terms and Conditions.

Booking Conditions

A deposit of 50% of the safari rate is required to confirm the booking. Game Trophy Fees and all Government Royalties charged would be those applicable to the year the safari is taken regardless of the what is quoted on the initial contract. Invoices and quotes are subject to change based on any change in Government fees and/or Game Trophy Fees.

Payment of Fees

–  Full payment for your safari must be received 90 days prior to the start date. If full payment has not been received when you arrive in Zambia, you will not permitted to begin your safair. We will email the final invoice reflecting all safari costs, including any additional charges to the Client or the booking agent within ten (10) working days from end of safari.

– Trophies will only be shipped after full trophy payment has been received.

–  All payments are payable in cash, travelers cheques (plus bank charges of 1% of total value) or wire transfer.

Deposit for Trophy Fees

– A deposit for the Trophy Fees is required before the beginning of your safari. This deposit will be credited towards the trophies taken on your hunt, and the balance if any refundable.

–  The deposit required is: 10 Days $10,000; 14-16 Days $20,000;

21 Days $30,000. Balance payable at the end of safari.

–  Trophy fees, including community development fees are applicable to all animals, bagged or wounded and lost.

–  All rates quoted are in USD $ and are subject to change without notice

Hunting Regulations

The DNPW in Zambia regulations permit the hunting of both lion and leopard under the following conditions only:

10 Day Safari

–  1×1 One Buffalo will be granted on this permit.

–  The minimum legal length for Leopard is 1.50 meters (60 inches) from tip of nose to base of tail.

–  The minimum legal for Elephant is 160 cm length (62.99 inches) of tusk or 18 kgs weight (39.6 pounds).

– The minimum legal length for Crocodile is 3.00 meters (118 inches) from tip of nose to tip of tail.

21 Day Safari

–  The DNPW in Zambia allows the following game to be hunted strictly on a 21 day license: Elephant; Lion; Leopard; Greater Kudu; Eland; Sable; Klipspringer; Hippopotamus, Roan; and Porcupine. Minimum caliber for dangerous game is .375” (9.3mm). Handgun hunting is strictly forbidden.

–  Bow hunting is legal under a different rate structure, please enquire if interested.


–  Any cancellation occurring prior to 60 days of the start of the safari, the deposit will be re-funded only if the safari is re-sold and 15% administration fee will be deducted.

–  No refund is applicable to any cancellation occurring within 60 days of the start of the safari, therefore it is highly recommended to get coverage of Trip Cancellation Insurance.

–  Force Majeure, meaning acts of God, explosion, floods, tempest, fire or accident, war, threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, government intervention, weather conditions or other untoward occurrences. In the event of Force Majeure, the company is entitled to vary or cancel any itinerary or arrangement. Refunds in this case are solely to the discretion of the company, although all endeavours shall be made to refund where possible.


We strongly recommend that you obtain the following types of insurance:

– Accidental Death and Disability

– Loss of personal effects

– Medical

– Trip Cancellation

Please make sure your policies are up to date and you are fully insured before you travel.


It is important to understand that hunting is a sport that involves risk; big game hunting can be dangerous. Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property, Kantanta Hunting Safaris accept no responsibility for any accident, injury, illness or fatality incurred during or arising while on safari, nor loss or damage of property. The company accepts no responsibility for changes to government fees or policies; we will endeavour to notify you as and when they occur. No guarantees are made for any animal not obtained during the hunt as we adhere to the principals and regulations of Fair Chase.